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A Powerful Story - Perform ur Salat On Time*

He remembered his grandmother's warning about praying on time:

'My son, you shouldn't leave prayer to this late time'.

His grandmother's age was 70 but, whenever she heard the Adhan, she got up like an arrow and performed Salah.

He however could never win over his ego to get up and pray.

Whatever he did, his Salah was always the last to be offered and he prayed it quickly to get it in on time.

Thinking of this, he got up and realized that there were only 15 minutes left before Salat-ul Isha. He quickly made Wudhu and performed Salat-ul Maghrib. While making Tasbih, he again remembered his grandmother and was embarrassed by how he had prayed.

His grandmother prayed with such tranquillity and peace.

He began making Dua and went down to make Sajdah and stayed like that  for a while.

He had been at work all day and was tired, so tired. He awoke abruptly to the sound of noise and shouting.

He was sweating profusely.

He looked around.

It was very crowded.

Every direction he looked in was filled with people.

Some stood frozen looking around, some were running left and right and Some were on their knees with their heads in their hands

Just waiting……………

Pure fear and apprehension filled him as he realized where he was.

His heart was about to burst.

It was the Day of Judgment.

When he was alive, he had heard many things about the questioning on the Day of Judgment, but that seemed so long ago.

Could this be something his mind made up?

No, the wait and the fear were so great that he could not have imagined this.

The interrogation was still going on. He began moving frantically from people to people to ask if his name had been called.

No one could answer him.

All of a sudden his name was called and the crowd split into two and  made a passageway for him.

Two angels grabbed his arms and led him forward.

He walked with unknowing eyes through the crowd.

The angels brought him to the centre and left him there.

His head was bent down and his whole life was passing in front of his eyes like a movie.

He opened his eyes but saw only another world.

The people were all helping others.

He saw his father running from one lecture to the other, spending his wealth in the way of Islam.

His mother invited guests to their house and one table was being set while the other was being cleared.

He pleaded his case,

'I too was always on this path.

I helped others.

I spread the word of Allah.

I performed my Salah.

I fasted in the month of Ramadhan.

Whatever Allah ordered us to do, I did.

Whatever he ordered us not to do, I did not.'

He began to cry and think about how much he loved Allah.

He knew that whatever he had done in life would be less than what Allah deserved and his only protector was Allah He was sweating like never before and was shaking all over.

His eyes were fixed on the scale, waiting for the final decision.

At last, the decision was made.

The two angels with sheets of paper in their hands, turned to the crowd.

His legs felt like they were going to collapse.

He closed his eyes as they began

To read the names of those people who were to enter Jahannam.

His name was read first.

He fell on his knees and yelled that this couldn't be,

'How could I go to Jahannam?

I served others all my life,

I spread the word of Allah to others'.

His eyes had become blurry and he was shaking with sweat.

The two angels took him by the arms.

As his feet dragged, they went through the crowd and advanced toward the blazing flames of Jahannam.

He was yelling and wondered if there was any person who was going to help him.

He was yelling of all the good deeds he had done, how he had helped his father, his fasts, prayers, the Noble Qur'an that he read, he was asking if none of them would help him.

The Jahannam angels continued to drag him.

They had gotten closer to the Hellfire.

He looked back and these were his last pleas.

Had not Rasulullah [SAW] said,

'How clean would a person be who bathes in a river five times a day,  so too does the Salah performed five times cleanse someone of their sins'?

He began yelling,

'My prayers? My prayers? My prayers?'

The two angels did not stop, and they came to the edge of the abyss of Jahannam.

The flames of the fire were burning his face.

He looked back one last time, but his eyes were dry of hope And he had Nothing left in him.

One of the angels pushed him in.

He found himself in the air and falling towards the flames.

He had just fallen five or six feet when a hand grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back.

He lifted his head and saw an old man with a long white beard.

He wiped some dust off himself and asked him,

'Who are you?'

The old man replied,

'I am your prayers'.

'Why are you so late! I was almost in the Fire!

You rescued me at the last minute before I fell in'.

The old man smiled and shook his head,

'You always performed me at the last minute, did you forget?'

At that instant, he blinked and lifted his head from Sajdah.

He was in a sweat.

He listened to the voices coming from outside.

He heard the Adhan for Salat-ul Isha.

He got up quickly and went to perform Wudhu.

Pass this on to your friends and family......

Maybe, you can help someone open their eyes.

And who knows?

Maybe, this is a good deed that can help you during the day of Judgment.


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On the last day of Rasulullah on earth…

Suddenly, there was a person who said salaam.

"May I come in?" he asked.

But Fatimah did not allow him to enter the room.

"I'm sorry, my father is ill," said Fatimah, and turned back and
closed the door.

She went back to her father who had opened his eyes and he asked
Fatimah, "Who was he, my daughter?"

"I don't know, my father. It's the first time I'm seeing him," Fatimah
said gently.

Then, Rasulullah (SAW) looked at his daughter with a trembled look, as
if he wanted to recall about every part of his daughter's face.

"Know one thing! He is who erases the temporary pleasure; he is who
separates the companionship in the world.

He is the angel of death," said Rasulullah (SAW).

Fatimah bore the bomb of her cry.

The death angel came toward him, but Rasulullah (SAW) asked why Jibril
did not come along with him.

Then, Jibril was called. Jibril was ready in the sky to welcome the
soul of Habibullah and the leader of the earth.

"O Jibril, explain to me about my rights in front of ALLAH?"
Rasulullah (SAW) asked with a weak voice.

"The doors of the sky have opened; the angels are waiting for your soul.

All jannats are open widely waiting for you," Jibril said.

But, in fact, all that did not make Rasulullah (SAW) relieved. His
eyes were still full of worry.

"You are not happy to hear this news?" asked Jibril.

"Tell me about the destiny of my people in the future?" Rasulullah asked.

"Don't worry, Oh Rasul ALLAH. I heard ALLAH told me: "I make jannat
haram for everyone, except to the people of Muhammad" Jibril said.

It became closer and closer, the time for Malaikat Izrail to do his
work. Slowly, Rasulullah's (SAW) soul was pulled. It seemed that the
body of Rasulullah (SAW) was full of sweat (paseena) ; the nerves of
his neck became tight.

"Jibril, how pain this sakaratul maut is!"

Rasulullah (SAW) uttered a groan slowly. Fatimah closed her eyes, Ali
sat beside her bow deeply and Jibril turned his face back.

"Am I repugnant to you that you turn your face back o Jibril?"
Rasulullah (SAW) asked to the Deliverer of Wahyu.

"Who is the one who could see the Habibullah in his sakaratul maut,"
Jibril said.

Not for a while, Rasulullah (SAW) uttered a groan because of unbearable pain.

"O ALLAH, how greatest is this sakaratul maut. Give me all these
pains, don't to my people."

The body of Rasulullah (SAW) became cold, his feet and chest did not
move anymore.

His lips vibrated as if he wanted to say something, Ali took his ear
close to Rasulullah (SAW).

"Uusiikum bis salati, wa maa malakat aimanukum?, take care of the
salat and take care of the weak people among you."

Outside the room, there were cries shouted each other, sahabat held each other.

Fatimah closed her face with her hands and, again, Ali took his ear
close to Rasulullah's (SAW) mouth which became bluish.

"Ummatii, ummatii, ummatii"  "My people, my people, my people."

And the life of the noble man ended.

Could we love each other like him? Allahumma salle'ala Muhammad wa
baarik wa salim 'alaihi.

How deep is Rasulullah's (SAW) love to us.


Send this to all your Muslim friends so that the awareness to love
ALLAH and HIS Rasul appears as ALLAH and HIS Rasul loves us –

(Don't worry if people hate you because there are many others who love
and care for you on earth. But be worried if ALLAH hates you because
there is no other who loves and cares for you in akhirat )



Once a man was walking and he read this written on a wall:

'Qull huwa Allah hu ahad,
Allah hu samad,
Lam yalid WA lam youlad,
Wa lam yakoul lahu koufwan ahad'

So he sat and read it, while he was reading it a man was watching him and
Came to him and said 'Do you know that you have got at least 470 hasana's
(Blessings) just for reading this!
The person who wrote this on the wall also got 470 hasana's;
Even I got 470 hasana's just for writing this mail;

Even you got (who is reading this mail) 470 hasana's.

So press forward and let more people get 470 hasana's.

Don't forget, each time someone reads this mail and gets hasanat so do you

  When there is only a single star left in the sky.
At that very moment, the path of forgiveness will close.
The writing in the Quran will vanish.
The sun will lower itself with the earth.

Prophet Muhammad saw said, 'Who ever delivers this news to someone else,
I will on the Day of Judgement make for him a place in Jannat.'

Please pass this to every person you know.!!

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   Among the marvels of modern technology is also the ability to track the missed calls which were made by our friends and foes and the likes. We do not get a good night's sleep, unless we have returned the calls of those who matter. We don't let any call / miss call go unanswered as long as we know that it matters. Don't we?

But how about the calls of "hay-yaa al-as-salaah and hay-yaa al-al falah" made from the neighborhood house of our master, the Almighty Allah.? Those calls are made five times a day and many a times they all go unanswered.

We do not either respond!!! Nor do we respect these missed calls. Do they matter?

Everybody can tell, if these really matter. May be not today nor tomorrow, but surely in the hereafter. Let us look at ourselves. Can we afford to let these calls of the mu
azzin be missed, day after day, after day. The call from our cherisher, sustainer and the ultimate master. Just think about it.

Next time one hears this call, just ask yourself how good a night's sleep can I have by missing those calls from the house of Allah Think about it....the answer may come from the inner heart.

If you feel this email is worth reading, please forward to your contacts/friends.

Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) says: "The one who guides to good will be rewarded equally"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Special Hour On Friday


There is a special hour on Friday, during which all prayers are accepted and answered by Allah(swt), all Glory and Praise be to Him.  This is part of the blessings that Allah(swt) has blessed this day with, over all the other days of the week.

Aby Hurayrah narrated that the Prophet (saw) said:
"On Friday, there is an hour during which, if any Muslim is standing in front of Allah in salat, and asking Allah for something good, he will be granted his request", Then he made a sign with his hands, showing that it was a very short period of time.
*al-Bukhari (935)

There are numerous opinions as to exact hour of Friday during which this occurs, but two opinions are the strongest:

·         When the Imam sits down between the two khutbahs until the end of the khutbah
·         After the Asr prayer until the Magrib prayer.

Ibn Al-Qayyim (a famous Sunni Islamic jurist, lived in (1292-1350CE / 691 AH- 751 AH) preferred the second over the first one. This because of the following hadith:
* Zad-Al-maad 1/378-396

Friday has twelve hours (or part to it).  There is one hour during which if a Muslim asks Allah anything, Allah will give it to him, so find it during the last hour after Asr.

Abu Dawud (#926 of Sahih al-Sunan) and AnNasaai (#1316 of Sahih al-Sunan)

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A traveler once came to the Masjid to see the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W) after greeting the Prophet, he was asked where he was from. The traveler replied that he came from very far just to get a few questions answered. Following is the dialogue between the traveler and the Prophet.
Traveler         : I do not want azhab (punishments) to be written in my account.
Prophet         : Behave well with your parents
Traveler        : I want to be known amongst people as an intelligent person.
Prophet         : Fear Allah (Jalla Jalal Ho), always.
Traveler        : I want to be counted amongst Allah's favorites.
Prophet         : Recite Qur’an every morning and evening.
Traveler        : I want my heart to always be enlightened. (Roshan and Munawer)
Prophet         : Never forget death.
Traveler        : I never want to be away from Allah's blessing.
Prophet         : Always treat fellow creatures well.
Traveler        : I never want to be harmed by my enemies.
Prophet         : Always have faith in only Allah.
Traveler        : I never want to be humiliated.
Prophet         : Be careful of your actions.
Traveler        : I wish to live long.
Prophet         : Always do sile rahm. (Goodness towards blood Relations)  
Traveler        : I want my sustenance to increase.
Prophet         : Always be in Wudhoo.
Traveler        : I wish to stay free of azhaab in the grave.
Prophet         : Always wear pure (paak) clothes.
Traveler        : I never want to be burned in hell.
Prophet         : Control your eyes and tongue.
Traveler        : How do I get my sins forgiven?
Prophet         : Always ask forgiveness from Allah with a lot of humility.
Traveler        : I want people to respect me always.
Prophet         : Never extend your hands of need at people.
Traveler        : I want to always be honored.
Prophet         : Never humiliate or put down anyone.
Traveler        : I don't want to be squeezed by Fishare Qabr. (Squeezing in the grave)
Prophet         : Recite Surat El Mulk (The Dominion) often.
Traveler        : I want my wealth to increase.
Prophet         : Recite Surat El Waqiah (The Inevitable) every night.
Traveler        : I want to be safe and at peace on Day of Judgment.
Prophet         : Do Zikr (Praises) of Allah from dusk to night.
Traveler        : I want to be in full attention and concentration during prayers.
Prophet         : Always do Wudhoo with concentration and attention. 
Light up your own life by lighting up another's

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FATWA on having Ring Tones on Quraan Aayat


Saudi council of Muftis have given an unanimous Fatwa that ring tones on QURAN AAYAT are haraam because the AAYAT are not complete when we pick the phone & meanings of AAYAT changes when they are not complete. 

QURAN is for Hidayat and not for ring tones,


Don't say 'Mosque' ………..Say always ' Masjid'
Because Islam or ganization has found that mosque = mosquitoes.

Don't write ' Mecca '…………Write always correctly ' Makkah'
Because  Mecca = house of wines

Don't write ' Mohd' ……….Write always completely as ' Muhammad’
Becasue  Mohd = the dog with big mouth.

Forward it as many Muslims as you can for Sawaab
Nothing bad will happen if you dont forward this but these points are important and it is our duty to educate our brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



"Allah is the Greatest".

When we are leaving this world for the next one, it shall be like a trip to another country...

Where details of that country won't be found in glamorous travel brochures, but in the Holy Qura'an and the Hadiths.

Where our plane won't be Indian Air Lines, British Airways, Gulf Air or Emirates, but 'Air Janazah'

Where our luggage won't be the allowed 30 Kgs, but our deeds no matter how heavy they weigh.

You don't pay for excess luggage. They are carried free of charge, with your Creator's compliments.

Where our dress won't be a Pierre Cardin suit or the lik e but the white cotton shroud.

Where our perfume won't be Channel, Paco Rabane, but the camphor and attar.

Where our passports won't be Indian, British, French or American but 'Al Islam'.

Where our visa won't be the 6 months leave to stay or else, but, The 'La Ilaha Illallah'.

Where the air hostess won't be a beautiful female, but  Isra'iil and its like.

Where the in-flight services won't be 1st class or economy but a piece of beautifully scented or foul smelling cloth.

Where our place of destination won't be Heathrow Terminal 1 or Jeddah International Terminal but the last Terminal - the Graveyard.

Where our waiting lounge won't be nice carpeted and air-conditioned rooms but the 6 feet deep gloomy Qabr.

Where the Immigration Officer won't be His Majesty's officers, but Munkar and Nakeer..

They only check out whether you deserve the place you yearn to go.

W here there is no need for Customs Officers or detectors.

Where the transit airport will be Al Barzakh.

Where our final place of destination will be either the Garden under which rivers flow or the Hellfire.

This trip does not come with a price tag. It is free of charge, So your
savings would not come handy.

This flight can never be hijacked so do not worry about terrorists.

Food won't be served on this flight so do not worry about your allergies or whether the food is Halal.

Do not worry about legroom; you won't need it, as your legs will become things of the past.

Do not worry about delays. This flight is always punctual. It arrives and leaves on time.

Do not worry about the in-flight entertainment program because You would have lost all your sense of joy.

D o not worry about booking this trip, it has already been booked, the day you became a fetus in your mother's womb.

Ah! At last good news! Do not w orry about who will be sitting next to you.

You will have the luxury of being the only passenger. So enjoy it while you can. If only you can!

One small snag though, this trip comes with no warning. Are you better be!



Satan called a worldwide convention of demons. In his opening address he

'We can't keep Muslims from going to Masjid.'

'We can't keep them from reading their Quran and knowing the truth.'

'We can't even keep them from forming an intimate relationship with their
Allah and his messenger Muhammad (S.A.W)'
'Once they gain that connection with Allah, our power over them is broken.'

'So, let them go to their Masjids; let them have their covered dish
dinners, BUT steal their time, so they don't have time to develop a
relationship with Allah and his messenger Muhammad (S.A.W).'

'This is what I want you to do,' said the devil: 'Distract them from
gaining hold of their Allah and maintaining that vital connection
throughout their day!'

'How shall we do this?' his demons shouted.

'Keep them busy in the non-essentials of life and invent innumerable
schemes to occupy their minds,' he answered.

'Tempt them to spend, spend, spend, and borrow, borrow, borrow.'

'Persuade the wives to go to work for long hours and the husbands to work
6-7 days each week, 10-12 hours a day, so they can afford their empty

'Keep them from spending time with their children.' 'As their families
fragment, soon, their homes will offer no escape from the pressures of

'Over-stimulate their minds so that they cannot hear that still, small

'Entice them to play the radio or cassette player whenever they drive.'

'To keep the TV, VCR, CDs and their PCs going constantly in their home and
see to it that every store and restaurant in the world plays music

'This will jam their minds and break that union with Allah and his
messenger Muhammad (S.A.W)'

'Fill the coffee tables with magazines and newspapers.' 'Pound their minds
with the news 24 hours a day.' 'Invade their driving moments with
'Flood their mailboxes with junk mail, mail order catalogs, sweepstakes,
and every kind of newsletter and promotional offering free products,
services and false hopes.'

'Keep skinny, beautiful models on the magazines and TV so their husbands
will believe that outward beauty is what's important, and they'll become
dissatisfied with their wives. 'Keep the wives too tired to love their
husbands at night.'

'Give them headaches too!'

'If they don't give their husbands the love they need, they will begin to
look elsewhere.

'That will fragment their families quickly!'

'Give them story books to distract them from teaching their children the
real meaning of Salat.'

'Keep them too busy to go out in nature and reflect on Allah's creation.

'Send them to amusement parks, sporting events, plays, concerts, and movies

'Keep them busy, busy, busy!'

'And when they meet for spiritual fellowship, involve them in gossip and
small talk so that they leave with troubled consciences. '

'Crowd their lives with so many good causes they have no time to seek power
from Allah. Soon they will be working on their own strength which is just
an illusion'

'It will work!'
'It will work!'

It was quite a plan!

The demons went eagerly to their assignments causing Muslims everywhere to
get busier and more rushed, going here and there.

Having little time for their Allah or their families. Having no time to
tell others about the power of Allah and his messenger Muhammad (S.A.W) to
change lives.

I guess the question is, has the devil been successful in his schemes?

You be the judge!!!!!

Does 'BUSY' mean:


Please pass this on, if you aren't too BUSY!

Your ticket has been confirmed!

Your ticket has been confirmed!
                      Ticket type : One Way
Price : Absolutely free (Booking confirmed)

Passenger Details

Name : One of the ‘children of Adam’
Origins : From clay
Address : Planet earth

Conditions of Travel:

Departure : from life on earth
Destination : eternal life

Visa Status : Permanent Non Returnable
Stop-over : hotel (2 meters under the ground, for one person)
Duration of flight : from couple of seconds to several millions of years
Departure time : Time of death (exact time is unknown, but it can happen earlier than expected)
Arrival time : On the Judgment Day (not specified in the timetable)
Luggage: details

Despite the fact that the airplane transfers only one passenger at a
time, there are some restrictions on the amount of baggage that you can
take with you:

1) You can take with you 5 meters of white cloth

2) Any items of material life of earth are strictly forbidden.

3) Realistic luggage should consist of good deeds, modest behavior and
of well spent time on calling people to Islam.

Information about emigration (Interrogation)

On the arrival to the hotel (grave): incorruptible you will be welcomed by
Auditors – two angels: Munkar & Nakir,

will immediately start questioning.
The Three questions which will be asked are:

1)Who is your God?

2)Who is your prophet?

3)What is your religion?

Questions will follow about your life on earth. For more information,
refer to 27th Aya of Sura ‘Ibrahim’ of the
Holy Quran.

Important instructions:

All the passengers should remember that tickets are not exchangeable or

This journey is compulsory for representatives of all races,
nationalities, religions and of all ages.
During your journey you will not be provided with oxygen mask, as your
breathing system will be terminated just before the departure time.

Delays are not stipulated.

Angel of Death will not compromise on changing the date and time of

For more information:

Read instructions, which you can find in The Holy Quran and Sunnah. You
could also consult alims (scholars) . Please do it as soon as possible.

Additional instructions

You don’t need to take care of your boarding pass, passport and other
travel documents. To prepare for the flight:

- Pray 5 times a day

- Read the Holy Quran

- Follow the sunnah  of prophet muhammed  to the best of your ability

- and be ready for your flight, as you may have to depart any minute
(even now)

Final warning:
Final destination depend on you! Please do not waste your time on planet
Remember, you have one-way ticket: Either to Hell or to Paradise .


paradise or hell ?

you decide your destination

Wake up 4 Fajr Salaah

Wake up 4 Fajr Salaah


A man woke up early in order to Pray the Fajr Prayer in the masjid..
He got dressed, made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid.
On his way to the masjid, the man fell and his clothes got dirty.

He got up, brushed himself off, and headed home. At home,

He changed His Clothes, made his ablution, and was, again,
on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid,
He Fell again and at the Same Spot!

He, again, got up, brushed himself off and headed home.
At home he, once again, Changed His Clothes,
made his ablution and was on his way to the masjid.

On his way to the masjid,
He Met a Man Holding a Lamp.

He asked the man of his identity and the man replied 'I Saw You Fall Twice
on your way to the masjid,
So I Brought a Lamp so I can Light Your Way.'
The first man thanked him profusively and the
two where on their way to the masjid.

Once at the masjid, the first man asked the man with

the lamp to come in and pray Fajr with him.
The second man refused.
The first man asked him a couple more times and,
again, the answer was the same.
The first man asked him why he did not wish to come in and pray.
He man replied
I am Shetaan(devil/ evil)

The man was shocked at this reply.

Shetan went on to explain,
'I saw you on your way to the masjid
and it was I who made you fall. When you went home,
cleaned yourself and went back on your way to the masjid,
Allah forgave all of your sins.
I made you fall a second time, and even that
did not encourage you to stay home,
but rather, you went back on your way to the masjid.

Because of that,
Allah forgave all the sins

of the people of your household .

I was AFRAID if i made you fall one more time,
then Allah will forgive the sins of the people of your village,
so I made sure that you reached the masjid safely..'

So do not let Shetan benefit from his actions.
Do not put off a good that you intended to do as
you never know how much reward
you might receive from the hardships you encounter
while trying to achieve that good.
If forwarding this message will bother you, or take
too much time from you, then don't do it, but you will not
get the reward of it, which is great. Imagine,
that when you forward this, you receive 240 good deeds,
and so will I for sending it to you! Wouldn't it be easy just to
Press Forward ' and receive this Reward?
May Allah (Subhana Ho Wataallah) grant us perfect Muslim Heart n we
all do Prayers with our Heart and Soul...
............. ......... ......Ameen

Be Thankful To ALLAH!

Be thankful………………to ALLAH / GOD

A man reached 70 years of age and he faced a disease; he could not urinate. The doctors informed him that he was in need of an operation to cure this disease. He agreed to have the operation done as the problem was giving him much pain for days. When the operation was completed, his doctor gave him the bill which covered all the costs. The old man looked at the bill and started to cry. Upon seeing this the doctor told him that if the cost was too high then they could make some other arrangements. The old man said “I am not crying because of the money but I am crying because Allah let me urinate for 70 years and He never sent me a bill.”
"…and if you try to count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them… {Surah Ibrahim}"
 With Best Regards?
Mr. Rizwan Shaikh
Reservation & Ticketing Agent 
Space Travels                
AL Anadus Compound,
Villa No# 2, D-Ring Road,
P.O. Box 14920,
Doha, State of Qatar.

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Muhammad Ali's Life Lessons Through His Daughter's Eyes.

Boxer Muhammad Ali's advice to his daughters

Mashallah very nice exemplar/advice for our Spouses, Mothers, Sisters and daughters
The following incident took place when Muhammad Ali's (KELAY) daughters arrived at his home wearing clothes that were not modest. Here is the story as told by one of his daughters:

When we finally arrived, the chauffeur escorted my younger sister, Laila, and me up to my father's suite. As usual, he was hiding behind the door waiting to scare us. We exchanged many hugs and kisses as we could possibly give in one day.

My father took a good look at us. Then he sat me down on his lap and said something that I will never forget. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Hana, everything that God made valuable in the world is covered and hard to get to. Where do you find diamonds? Deep down in the ground, covered and protected. Where do you find pearls? Deep down at the bottom of the ocean, covered up and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Way down in the mine, covered over with layers and layers of rock.
You've got to work hard to get to them."

He looked at me with serious eyes. "Your body is sacred. You're far more precious than diamonds and pearls, and you should be covered too."

Source: Taken from the book: More Than A Hero: Muhammad Ali's Life Lessons Through His Daughter's Eyes.

Mind Blowing Information about Qur'an

ا سلام علیکم و رحمتہ اللہ وبرکاتہ

Read, think and follow Quran.”There is no doubt in Quran”. We are muslims we should not leave Quran. Belive me Quran is the most value able book in this world. Forward this mail to your friends and others.
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Very interesting findings of Dr. Tariq Al Swaidan  might grasp your attention:
Dr.Tarig Al Swaidan discovered some verses in the Holy Qur'an
That mention one thing is equal to another, i.e. men are equal to women.

Although this makes sense grammatically, the astonishing fact is that the number of
times the word man appears in the Holy Qur'an is 24 and number of times the word woman appears is also 24, therefore not only is this phrase correct in the grammatical sense but also true mathematically, i.e. 24 = 24.

Upon further analysis of various verses, he discovered that this is consistent throughout the whole
Holy Qur'an where it says one thing is like another.
See below for astonishing result of the words mentioned number of times in Arabic Holy Qur'an
Dunia (one name for life) 115 .
Aakhirat (one name for the life after this world) 115
Malaika (Angels) 88 .
Shayteen (Satan) 88
Life 145 ...... Death 145
Benefit 50 
Corrupt 50
People 50 ..
Messengers 50
Eblees (king of devils) 11 . Seek refuge from Eblees 11
Museebah (calamity) 75 . Thanks ! 75
Spending (Sadaqah) 73 . Satisfaction 73
People who are mislead 17 Dead people 17
Muslimeen 41 . Jihad 41
Gold 8 . Easy life 8
Magic 60 .Fitnah (dissuasion, misleading) ! 60
Zakat (Taxes Muslims pay to the poor) 32 .
Barakah (Increasing or blessings of wealth) 32
Mind 49 .Noor 49
Tongue 25 . Sermon 25
Desite 8 .Fear 8
Speaking publicly 18 . Publicising 18
Hardship 114 .... Patience 114
Muhammed 4 . Sharee'ah ( Muhammed's teachings) 4
Man 24 . Woman 24
And amazingly enough have a look how many times
the following words appear:
Salat 5 , Month 12 , Day 365 ,
Sea 32 , Land 13
Sea + land = 32 + 13 = 45
Sea = 32/45*100q.=71.11111111%
Land = 13/45*100 = 28.88888889%
Sea + land 100.00%
Modern science has only recently proven that the water covers
71.111% of the  earth, while the land covers 28.889%.
                               Is this a coincidence? Question is that
                       Who taught Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) all this?
                             Reply automatically comes in mind that
                                 ALMIGHTY ALLAH
                                              taught him.This as the
                                             Holy Qur'an
                                                also tells us this.please pass this on to all your friends
Aayah 87 of Suraa (Chapter) Al-Anbia !
para 17 :

During the next 60 seconds,
stop whatever you are doing,
and take this opportunity.
(Literally, it is only 1 minute).