Saturday, January 30, 2010

Before You go to sleep

The Prophet (SWS) one day said to Ali (RA): Ya Ali! Do these five things before going to bed at night:

1. Give 4000 Dinaars in Sadaqa and then sleep
2. Read one complete Quran and then sleep
3. Pay the price for Janna'h and then sleep
4. Make two people happy with each other when they are upset and then sleep
5. Do one hajj and then sleep

Hazrat Ali (RA) said, Ya Rasulallah! This looks impossible, how will I be able to do it? Then the prophet (SAWS) replied:

4 times reading surah Fatiha is equals to four thousand Dinaars giving in Sadaqa.

3 times reading surah Ikhlas (Qul hu Allahu Ahad) is equals to one complete Quran.

3 times reading any durood shareef (Shortest: Sallalaho Alaihi Wa Salam) is the price of jannat.

10 times Astagfirullah (or any istighfar) is equals to making two unhappy people happy with each other.

4 times third Kalima is equals to one hajj.

After this Ali (RA) said, Ya Rasulallah (SAWS)! Now I will do all these before going to bed.

My dear brothers and sisters, it takes less then 5 mins for all the above zikr and look at the virtues for it.....who would not want to have all these virtues to be in their book of good deeds.
To remind oneself of it, the easiest way is to write down on a piece of paper all the above zikr to be done b4 going to sleep and stick that piece of paper just next to UR bed.....and of course Allah is the one to remind.

It will be very nice of u if u could Pls forward this to as many Muslims as possible coz if anyone starts doing these Aamaal then there is no doubt that U will also be rewarded for it. Inshallah.

Pls do Dua that Allah guides us to the right path...Please also remember in your prayers/duas to us and all ummat-ul-muslimeen. ......... ..

"Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking"

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