Monday, July 23, 2012

Muslim girls with Others ! Who is Responsible?

Muslim girls with Others! Who is Responsible?

All praise is to Allah and peace and blessings upon the Prophet, Allah said in Holy Quran

Translation: 0 you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Hell Fire whose

Fuel is people and stones (Sura at tahrim 66:6)

Prophet's (Peace be upon him) hadeeth states Translation: "Man is a protector of his family

And he shall be questioned about his family -woman is a protector of her husband's house

and she will surely be questioned about her family-(Sahi Al Bukhari and Sahi Al Muslim)

 My honorable Muslim brothers and sisters!

Please find the attached Small pocket size Document about this Current Issue in Urdu and English, so that we can protect our self and our Family from Hell fire.........

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Abu Ammara

Thanks & Regards
Abu Ammara
IT Engineer

   Your brother in Islam
~*Syed Ibrahim (Talha)~*


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