Saturday, April 2, 2011

'Allah Loveth Not any Arrogant Boaster'[Q]*Sin from Arrogance*

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah.

As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu . 

And swell not thy cheek [for pride] at men,

nor walk in insolence through the earth;

for Allah loveth not any arrogant Boaster-


  Surat Luqmān 31:18 - سورة لقمان  

            Sufyaan ibn Uyainah said:-                       



"Whoever his sin is from desire [Craving] have hope for his repentance,

 for indeed Aadam disobeyed Allaah from desire (Craving) and was forgiven.


 and whoever his sin is from Arrogance, then fear for his damnation,

for indeed Iblees [Satan] disobeyed Allaah from haughtiness and was Cursed.



 [Source:-Tahdheeb Al-Kamaal by Al-Mizzee]

                         Y a s m i n.                  
  "All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} 
the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
 {'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }
Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days,
whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone!
{Al-Hasan Al-Basree}

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