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Fw: Unique Month-long Rabil Awwal Activities - Be a partner in spreading Noble Teachings of Propht Muhammad (SAW)

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Subject: Unique Month-long Rabil Awwal Activities - Be a partner in spreading Noble Teachings of Propht Muhammad (SAW)

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Unique Month-long Rabil Awwal Activities



Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):

A Light In The Prevailing Darkness


At the time of the advent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the entire world was steeped in darkness.  Beliefs in multiplicity of gods and idol worship had shaken the foundation of civilized life.  The light of civilization had faded over, from the then known world from Egypt to India and from Greece to China .  Banners of Roman and Iranian empires, immersed in the worst forms of tyranny, and terrorism fluttered over the degraded humanity. 


The very country where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was born was steeped in utter moral degradation. 


In the midst of this degradation, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had to redeem humanity and prove to the world the phenomenal success of his great mission. He stood up single-handed to change the entire human outlook. 


God selected Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as the most suitable man for bringing about this great revolution, the desert as the most suitable place for making such an attempt; the Arabs as the most suitable people to receive and propagate the message. 


Targeting to reach at least TWO MILLIONS People


Time to spread the Noble Teachings – Time to spread Noble Mission



In order to get the reward from Almighty Allah, help us to spread out our website address, and introduce its activities among those who don't know about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), knowing that when you help us in this mission, you are fulfilling the Duty of Dawah to Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala, and using the chance that can give you thousands of rewards in just a few minutes you give from your time.


Please stay with us à



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Please join with us for month long activities, send an e-mail to us:  ADD ME

We need dedicated volunteers willing to spread Prophet Muhammad's (saw) Teachings to all who come into contact. Enjoy Sadaqa Jariya and get countless reward in the hereafter, Insha Allah.

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