Sunday, October 9, 2011

My sister O my Sister [Short Beautiful Poem for Muslimah]

In The name of Allah,The Most Merciful,The Most gracious

My sister O my Sister [Short Beautiful Poem for


My sister, O my sister

So fragile, vulnerable and weak..

You're a playful flower amidst the mature varying blossoms

Unmindful of the danger of deception..

 Beloved, you were innocent then..

But now,

Gone were the days when you shine purely ..

So brightly, peacefully and chastely..

I fear that the truth may give you harm

That your fading charm,

truly gave me an alarm..

 My sister, dear sister..

 Today, I know not what to do..

for what's happening is because of you..

And you might shed tears but I might not dry them..

you may shout out of pain and I might not comfort you..

you might feel like dying and I might not do anything..

 Sister, O my sister..

We are too young to be old,

and too old to be young in the future..

You may deny,

  and I as well..

But then I know something that I would tell

 This shall give me ease if not bliss..

Today, I shall give my full trust and obedience

 to the One who loved me right from the start..

My Savior, My Rabb, My Whole

Yaa Allaah SWT. .

 Protect me and the whole Muslimat

Forgive us and grant us Jannaah.

 Allahumma Ameen.


   Your brother in Islam
~*Syed Ibrahim (Talha)~*


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