Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jumma Mubarak.. Excellence of Friday..

Aayi jumma to bahar aayi,

Aate aate jannath ki fiza laayi,

Hojao NAMAZ ke liye tayyar,

Namaz apke liye jannat ka Viza laayi.

Jumma Mubarak…..



The real objective of the Friday Sermon is that the Imam should offer guidance to the Muslims with reference to the current problems in the light of the Qur'an and the Sunnah.



Excellence of Friday


Friday is the most excellent and distinguished day in the sight of Allah on account of six merits associated with it. Firstly, it is the day on which the Muslims the world over assemble together at contral places in their habitations for the purpose of Allah's remembrance, which is followed by the great congregational prayer. It is for this reason that the Prophet has described Friday as the Eid day of the Muslims.



In the pre-Islamic days of ignorance, the Arabs called it the Urubah day. It began to be called Jum'ah, which is an Islamic term, after it was appointed as the day of the Muslim people's assemblage. The Jews had fixed Saturday for ritual worship, for according to them, they had been delivered on that day by Allah from the bondage of Pharaoh. As against this, the Christians chose Sunday for the purpose, though it was neither prescribed by Prophet Jesus nor mentioned in the Gospels. The Christians believe that after crucifixion Jesus rose from the grave and went up to heaven on Sunday. In 321 A.D. the Roman Emperor declared it as a holiday by an official decree. Islam set aside both Saturday and Sunday and as a mark of distinction from the two communities, adopted Friday for the congregational service and prayer. As for the other five merits of Friday the Prophet said:



"Friday is the most excellent and distinguished day among the days of the week in the sight of Allah; so much so that it excels both 'Id-al-Fitr day and 'Id al-Adha day on account of the following five merits;


1. Allah created Adam on Friday,


2. He sent him to the earth on this day as his vicegerent,


3. Adam died on Friday,


4. There is a blessed hour oil Friday during which a person is granted by Allah anything lawful and good that he prays for,


5. Resurrection will take place on Friday; that is why everything in the heavens and the earth including God's most favourite angels and mountains, rivers, etc. stand in awe of Friday". (Ibn Majah)


Allah Hafiz.



Mujhe jannat say zyada masjid mein bethna acha lagta hai 

kyun ke jannat mein mera nafs khush hoga, 

jab ke masjid mein mera rabb khush hoga

.    Jab tum namaz na padho to matt socho ke waqt nahi mila, Balke ye socho ke tumse kaunsi galti hui ke, ALLAH ne tum ko apne saamne khada karna pasand nahi kiya.............

.    Har koi chahta hai k mujhey KAMIYABI mil jaye, lekin jab masjid sey din main 5 dafa awaz ati hai "HAYYA ALAL FALAH",, "Aao Kamiyabi ki Taraf".... to us taraf janey ki hum zehmat nahi kertey... afsos k jis cheez ko wo sari zindagi har jagah talash kar k bhi hasil nahi ker saka, wo to khud usey apney paas bula rahi hai ....... 

Zuni Ayesha

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