Tuesday, March 8, 2011

*Luqman* On the Tongue & Heart! #2/ 'Silence is Golden'-

 "Bismillah Hir Rehman Nir Raheem " 
'Assalaamu Alaykum Warahmatulla hee Wa Barakaatuhu '.
Luqman on the need to have a pleasing tongue and sound heart.

Yazid Ibn Hamn and Waki' told us after Abul AShhab after Khalid Ar-Rab'i as saying:
 "Luqman was an Ethiopian slave who worked as a carpenter. One day, his master ordered him to slaughter a goat and bring him the most pleasant and delicious two parts thereof.
Luqman did so and brought him the tongue and heart.
The master asked: Did not you find anything more pleasant than these? Luqman said:-' No!
 After a while, the master ordered him to slaughter a goat and to throw the most malignant two parts thereof.
Luqman slaughtered the goat and threw the tongue and heart.
The master exclaimed and said:-
 I ordered you to bring me the most delicious parts thereof and you brought me the tongue and heart, and I ordered you to throw away the most malignant parts thereof and you threw the tongue and heart, how can this be?
Luqman said: 'Nothing can be more pleasing than these if they were good, and nothing can be more malicious than these if they were malignant."
# 2/* Luqman on "Speech is silver and silence is golden"

Luqman said to his son: "O my son! I have never regretted because of keeping silent.
If words are silver, silence is golden."


                        Y a s m i n.                           

   "Never Despair Of The Mercy Of Allah"   


' Son of Adam! You are nothing but a number of days, whenever each day passes then part of you has Gone.


 {Al-Hasan Al-Basree}



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