Friday, September 9, 2011

All Humans R Dead Except ?Those who do Good Deeds R Deceived Except{?}Imam Ash-Shaafi'ee +'Quran'





'Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem'
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatuh

  All  Humans are dead except

 those who have knowledge.



And all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds.



And those who do good deeds are deceived,

 except those who are sincere.



And those who are sincere are always in a state of worry.



{Imam Ash -Shaafi'ee} 




"Say: O 'Ibaadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves by committing evil deeds and sins!

Despair not of the Mercy of Allaah, verily,

Allaah forgives all sins.

Truly, He is Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful"



{'Quran'~ al -Zumar~39:53.}  




 ...My 'Salaams' To All... 



                                 Y a s m i n.                                      

  "All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} 
 the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
 {'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

'Wasting time is Worse than Death!

Because Death Separates you from this World

 Whereas wasting Time Separates you from Allah'.

Ibn Qayimm Al-Jawziyyah.


I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground!
The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind,
Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!

'Insha Allah'! 



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