Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"ALLAH Would Make Things Easy for him in the Hereafter". [Sahih Muslim] Very Good!


 Abu Huraira (Radi'Allahu anhu) reported
 Allah's Messenger (Sall'Allahu alaihi wasallam) as saying:-

"He who alleviates the suffering of a brother
out of the sufferings of the world,
Allah would alleviate his suffering
from the sufferings of the Day of Resurrection,

and he who finds relief for one
who is hard pressed,
Allah would make things easy for him
in the Hereafter,

and he who conceals the faults of a Muslim,
Allah would conceal his faults
in the world and in the Hereafter.

Allah is at the back of a servant
so long as the servant is at the back of his brother.

and he who treads the path in search of knowledge,
Allah would make that path easy,
leading to Paradise for him,

and those persons who assemble
in the house among the houses of Allah (mosques)
and recite the Book of Allah
and they learn and teach the Qur'an
(among themselves)
there would descend upon them the tranquility
and mercy would cover them
and the angels would surround them
and Allah makes a mention of them
in the presence of those near Him,

and he who is slow-paced in doing good deeds,
his (high) descent does not make him go ahead."

[Source:-Sahih Muslim : Book 35 Kitab Al-Dhikr # 6518]
......My 'Salaams' to you All.......

                                    Y a s m i n.                                      

  "All that is on earth will Perish. But will abide {Forever} 
 the Face of thy Lord, full of Majesty, Bounty and Honour"
 {'Quran'- Surah Al-Rahman-55.26-27 }

'Wasting time is Worse than Death!

Because Death Separates you from this World

 Whereas wasting Time Separates you from Allah'.

Ibn Qayimm Al-Jawziyyah.


I Want to Die With my Forehead on the Ground!
The Sunnah in my Heart, Allah on my Mind,
Qur'an on my Tongue, and Tears in my Eyes!

'Insha Allah'! 


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