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'Turn Round & Look @Yourself'~ Reward of Evil is Evil Like It [Qur’ân]


Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah  


As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu  



"...Turn round and look at yourself…"


Then you should say to the boastful man:-

"Turn round and look at yourself.

When you have perceived your own faults you will have found the cure for your PRIDE!          


Do not compare yourself with someone who has more faults than you do~

so that you find it easy to commit faults and to imitate wicked people.


Do not allow yourself to commit vile things and to imitate wicked people.


We have already criticized people who imitate good actions slavishly, what should we say of people who imitate evil actions slavishly?

On the contrary, you should compare yourself with someone who is more virtuous than you,


then your pride will fade away. Then you will be cured of this hateful disease which gave birth in you to scorn of other people

when there are doubtless better people then you among them.


If you scorn them with no cause, they will have cause to scorn you,


Allah Almighty says:-


"To condone an evil is to commit the same evil."

 {Qur'ân Shura ~Council ~42:20}


 'The reward of an evil is an evil

 like it.'


So you will expose yourself to scorn,

even to deserved disdain,

and the anger of God and the

loss of every trace of virtue

that there may have been in you.


Source:-Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi
Taken from: Al-Akhlâq wa'l-Siyar (Morals and Behaviour)]

 My 'Salaams' To You All.  


                 Y a s m i n.                    

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Inshallah 'Aameen'

Rose Vine

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