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Throw Yourself Between the Hands of Allah!{Go Ahead!}Excellent![Al-Qayyim]
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 Throw Yourself Between the Hands of Allah!

If the servant of Allah knows that he cannot escape nor change the plan of Allah, he will commit all his affairs to Allah and throw himself between His hands as a humble servant throws himself between the hands of a mighty king who has authority over him- and indeed the servant has no power of his own. When the servant knows all that, he will be relieved from all distress and sadness and will pass the burden to Allah who does not care or get tired. Allah will carry them, and show him kindness and mercy without any tiredness. The servant has paid attention to Allah alone and Allah paid attention to the needs and benefits of his life and emptied his heart from them, and, as a result, his life will be good and his heart will be happy.
al – Fawaa'id' by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah


When you complain to the son of Aadam…

The ignorant people complain to people about Allah and this is the highest degree of ignorance ,

 for if he had known his Lord, he would not have complained about Him, and if he had known the people, he would not have complained to them.


One of the predecessors saw a man complaining to another man about his poverty and dire necessity.


He said to him :-


"O you! By Allah, you have done nothing but complain about He Who has mercy for you, to the one who has no Mercy for you."


The following verses have been mentioned about the meaning of the previous statement of the predecessor.

When you complain to a son of Adam
Verily you complain about the Most Merciful
to the one who does not pity

On the contrary, the person who is profoundly knowledgeable about Allah complains to Allah alone.
And the most knowledgeable person about Allah is the one who complains about himself to Allah and never to people.
 He complains about the causes that made people do wrong to him.

Therefore, there are three levels:


 1/ the lowest one is to complain about Allah to His creatures.

   2/ the middle one is to complain about His creatures to Him.


3/ the highest one is to complain about yourself to Him.


Source:-Imam ibn al-Qayyim's al-Fawa`id.


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